People & Principles Before Politics


Meet the Candidate

Like many Pennsylvanians, I have lived paycheck-to-paycheck. I am a single mother, struggling to do whatever necessary to make sure my sons had a better life than I did. That often meant working multiple jobs, even while going back to college. I have spent time in state government leading other interns in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, dealing directly with state legislators on policies and issues; attending committee hearings, and house and senate sessions; and writing briefings for the Lt. Governor’s office. While working in Harrisburg, I saw firsthand just how dysfunctional our state government really is. I saw the State Capital as a place where the people’s priorities are disregarded and common-sense legislation goes to die, making life harder for us in rural Pennsylvania.I have considerable real-world experience mediating between parties in conflict with each other. As a case manager in a family homeless shelter, a coach for Odyssey of the Mind, a restaurant manager, and the mother of two boys whose personalities are like night and day, I meet each challenge with passion, understanding and a bulldog determination to find common ground and work united to make progress towards a better future for all.