United We Stand


I believe we all need to pay our fair share and will work to ensure everyone pays a fair rate and we have a balanced approach to taxes.

Switch to a fair tax. Currently PA has a “flat” income tax rate of 3.07%. This means the effective tax rate for the top 1% of income earners is 6%, while the middle 20% of income earners pay almost twice as much with an effective tax rate of 11.1%. This is unfair, unbalanced and regressive.

Total State and Local Taxes in Pennsylvania

I want to reform property taxes, protect family homes while ensuring our schools have the funding they need.

Cap property tax on fixed income residents. The elderly and disabled should not have to consider leaving their homes due to increases in property taxes.

I want to make sure that everyone pays their fair share and hard-working Pennsylvanians are not paying higher taxes to give money to corporations.

Review corporate tax giveaways like HB 732, which created tax breaks valued at over $650 million over 25 years.

I want to ensure that those who profit from our natural resources pay their fair share as well. The current proposal for a severance tax would not be effective and needs additional work before I could support it.

Consider changes to severance tax proposal on gas companies. Pennsylvania is the only state that is a major extractor of natural gas without a severance tax.

We need to replace the funds that have been taken from the Department of Environmental Protection and hire more inspectors to protect our land, air and water.

I want to audit all the special funds and ensure the monies are being used as intended and to benefit Pennsylvanians.

Investigate what happened to the gambling revenue that was supposed to be used for property tax relief.


I will fight for fair and full funding of public education and property tax reform to make sure we fully fund education without additional burden on homeowners with an over reliance on property taxes.

Guarantee access to high-quality Pre-K. High-quality Pre–K helps all children to do better in school. In the long run, this also saves taxpayers money in the future. We all benefit from investing in Pre-K now.

Access to affordable childcare for working families. Increasing the availability of state funds to allow access to more high-quality childcare helps working families.

Provide adequate wages for early learning and childcare workers. We need more professionals in early learning, both Pre-K and childcare. By supporting a living wage we help both our working families and our childcare workers.

Require oversight, accountability, and evaluation of the system. The childcare system and its programs must be efficient and effective.

Fully and fairly fund education. Pennsylvania needs to move to more fairly, and fully, fund education. Taxpayers are forced to bear the burden of the failure of the legislature to fund their mandates, and insist everyone pay their fair share.


I want to make sure those dollars are spent efficiently and effectively and will call for more transparent reporting goals and oversight.

Require more transparent public disclosure of how public subsidy money is spent. According to one report from Keystone Research, “Each year, to create or retain jobs in Pennsylvania, our state government spends up to $260 million in economic development subsidies and tax breaks targeted to individual businesses. Local government spends an unknown additional amount of money.”


We need public policy that puts money into the hands of working people and I will advocate for a living wage and return to a strong middle class, including working to create career opportunities to include apprenticeships and professions that will keep our rural communities strong.

A living wage lifts people out of poverty, reduces the need for public assistance, and saves us taxpayer dollars, helping balance our state budget and reduce costs. Enables people to get out of the cycle of poverty. Makes the rural work environment more competitive and makes staying in rural areas more attractive for young people.

Workers benefit from $15 mimum wage


I will advocate for policy that will supports and helps our small businesses reopen and expand. Our rural community relies on family businesses, many with fewer than 20 employees. We need to provide assistance to them now.

Good jobs are needed to create a stable and strong economy.

Helping businesses to open, reopen and expand will be needed now more than ever. We need policy to do this.

People in rural communities have been left behind for too long.


I will fight to protect our family farms, ensuring they can survive and thrive with policies providing them with the economic ability to compete in the market.

We are losing family farms due to failed economic policies. Farmers can make more money selling their ancestral lands to developers than by farming.

Drought, insects and other environmental impacts are causing real harm today which will last for generations.

Current policies, caps, tariffs, and trade wars have all combined to decrease market prices for agricultural products.


I support a transition to renewable and sustainable energy sources & moving PA toward an environmentally and economically sustainable future which protects our natural resources and sustains our economy.

PA Constitution guarantees protections for our land, air and water.

Stop corporate environmental destruction. Corporate environmental destruction of our vast natural resources has burdened the taxpayers and our tourism economy. It has also prevented us from enjoying favorite outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and boating.

Damage to our natural resources damages our economy. Especially recreation revenue and tourism.


Guarantee equal rights, justice and opportunity to all people regardless of their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation and identification, physical ability.

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